6 reasons a plan is better than a resolution

6 reasons a plan is better than a resolution

It’s the start of a brand-new decade. A clean slate. A chance to make changes, leave old habits behind, and be a perfect person from now on. No pressure.

At Multiply, we aren’t huge fans of resolutions. Actions do more for your money than good intentions. So if you’re using New Year as an excuse to sort your money out, we’ve got six good reasons to look at your plan, instead of making resolutions.

1. We did the thinking already

No need to rack your brain or read endless money forums. We’ve made you a plan for your entire financial life with top picks of any products you need, from savings accounts to investment funds.

2. You can crack straight on

We’ve laid out your plan with a handy checklist of all the actions we recommend for you. Plus, you’ll always see your top priority at the top of your feed (that’s the action we recommend you tackle next). No dithering required: just crack on, tick ‘em off, and start feeling accomplished.

3. You’ll stick with it

Sticking to New Year’s resolutions is notoriously tricky. But following a custom, step-by-step plan, with fresh new actions and personalised content each month? Way easier. And you’ll soon notice the difference in the health of your finances (which is extra motivation to keep going).

4. You’ll avoid the January 17th blues

The saddest day of the year. Also, the one that sees loads of us break our resolutions. And giving up isn’t good for anyone’s self esteem. Your Multiply plan is designed to help you ace your goals and feel excellent, so follow it to boost your self-worth as well as your net worth.

5. You can feel confident in your choices

When you think up a resolution, do you really know whether it’s the right thing to do with your money? No such qualms with an FCA-regulated financial plan. Following it is a great way to feel confident in yourself and your decisions.

6. You can focus on what matters

Making resolutions can tempt us to get hung up on our habits, without seeing the big picture, but your plan is all about getting you closer to your goals. Take a moment to think about what matters to you. Then set it as a goal and start following your plan to build towards it.