Packaged bank account guide

Packaged bank account guide

Like pineapple on pizza, you’ll either love or hate packaged bank accounts. They’re regular current accounts that come with a whole host of extras. They usually have a monthly fee, but the savviest bank account hunter can usually turn that monthly Direct Debit into a big ol’ saving. How? Play the benefits of the account, like breakdown cover and travel insurance, just right. Keep the below in mind if you’re looking to save with the perfect package:

Double-check it’s good value

Think of that monthly fee as a lump sum. Multiply it by 12 to get the annual cost and then work out if you can nab those add-ons for cheaper else. Bear in mind that the insurance policies included in these packages like are usually high-end, so keep an eye out for standard cover that still does everything you want it to.

Does the total save you more money than going to different suppliers? Go for it. If not, opt for a fee-free bank account and get what you need elsewhere.

Go joint account profit

With a joint account, you pay one monthly fee but both account holders get all the benefits. That means you can double up on the value. Just be aware that combining finances means your partner’s credit score could affect yours and vice versa.

Does it cover everything?

This is more a general insurance point: make sure the policy you’re getting covers you for what you need. If you hit the ski slopes every year but winter sports isn’t covered, the expensive addition may wipe out your saving. Be sure to shop around for a package that is right for your needs.

Switch up your rewards

Happy with your existing cover or just plain don’t need those insurance extras? Go for an account that more than makes up for it with other rewards. Some offer high-interest rates on small amounts of cash, switching bonuses of £100 or more, and 0% overdrafts. Check out the bank accounts guide on Money Saving Expert for the full breakdown.

Doing a bit of research into your current or future packaged bank account can take a little bit of effort but can result in a big saving in the long run.