Multiply plans have changed

Multiply plans have changed

A message from our CEO.

I’m excited to announce that all Multiply personalised plans have been upgraded and could now include investment and pension product recommendations from platforms such as Interactive Investor and Cavendish Online.

To see if your plan includes any of these new products you’ll need to add in a few more details. The amount of extra information will depend on your circumstances. One essential addition will be the confirmation of your name. This is to prevent financial crime and make sure no one is impersonating you — it should only take a few minutes to complete. Once you’re done you’ll have access to a new complete financial picture.

The app update includes:

  • Advice on whether you should be investing (and how much)
  • Specific platform and fund recommendations for investments and pensions
  • Advice on what level of investment risk is appropriate for you

The update is all part of our effort to close the financial advice gap (millions of people who aren’t able to afford essential help with their finances) and level the playing field. Everyone deserves a chance to increase their worth, and not just those who can afford to pay an adviser.

I hope the app updates will help you feel even more confident with your finances and make your money work harder for you. After all, you work hard for it.

I’d love to know what you think about the app so we can continue to make it even better for you. Good or bad, send your thoughts to


Vivek Madlani, Multiply co-founder and CEO