Make more of yourself with Multiply

Make more of yourself with Multiply

Money is a means that matters. When you under-invest in yourself, you may as well be saying you aren't worth it. When you go all in, you're free to become way more.

It’s why we’ve built a mobile app that multiplies self-worth... not just net worth. Our advisers have put everything they know about money into our AI tech. And our AI tech delivers everything it knows to you. Anyone* can create a plan because we decided to make it free.

Multiply isn’t a spending tracker or a budgeting app. It’s not a bank and it’s not just another “robo-advisor”.

It’s everything you ought to be doing with your money.

We created Multiply to inspire everyone to have an honest relationship with their money and make better decisions. And now we’ve decided to give Multiply a new face and a new voice that fits even better with that mission.

Our brand personality

We wanted to give the Multiply app a distinctive personality because finances are, well, personal. And even though the advice is automated, the app sounds anything but. We chose a way of speaking to help motivate you to stick to your plan and make more of yourself.

Provocative: Expect some tough love with our tongue firmly in our cheek. Finances can sometimes be yawn-worthy and all of us are guilty of switching off when we really need to be switched on. So we dialled up the daring to keep things interesting.

Upfront: Multiply is less about making a quick buck and more about the long run, and we’ll never try and hide that. The new brand uses simple language that’s always clear and transparent; no small print, no hidden details and no jargon.

Human: Finance can be heavy business so we promise always to talk like a real person and start with why your plan matters to you, rather than jumping straight into the heavy detail.

The Rabbits: You’ll be seeing a fair few more of these little guys. Why? We’re in the business of multiplying and, well, rabbits get it. The Multiply rabbits don’t represent you or Multiply, but they help articulate the benefits of using Multiply. They’re also cute - and let’s face it, there’s nothing wrong with that!

What’s next for Multiply?

Over 2019 we’ve put the Multiply app into the hands of over 10,000 people, launched our full advice service and overhauled the app design and brand. Next year it’s all about helping our users get the most of their Multiply plan, week in and week out. Download the latest version of Multiply to check out our new brand and let us know what you think.

*For UK residents between 18 and 50. Other restrictions may apply depending on personal circumstances.