Food shortage fears

Food shortage fears

Pingdemic hits supermarkets

Shops are racing to keep shelves stocked as rising numbers of staff are having to self-isolate. They’re not alone - lorry drivers and meat processing staff are also getting pinged by the app in huge numbers, leading industry bosses to warn that supply chains are “starting to fail”. The government says it’ll publish a list of key workers who are exempt, which is expected today.

High street’s back?

Post-lockdown shopping habits could revive high streets, with retailers planning to open up to 17,000 more small stores in neighbourhoods. A quarter of consumers surveyed by Barclays said the best way a retailer could attract them is to open a store in their local area. Following the large-scale store closures by M&S, John Lewis and more, 18% of retailers say they plan to move back into high streets.

Tesla accepting Bitcoin again

Elon Musk says Tesla will start taking payments in Bitcoin again, once it completes checks on its environmental impact. Tesla stopped accepting he cryptocurrency in May, citing concerns about carbon emissions. But now, Musk is saying that as long as 50% of Bitcoin’s massive energy usage comes from renewable energy, he’s fine with it.